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jote_jote's Journal

Shining over the blue sky ♥

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27 January
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I kissed a boy
Yo check it out, I've got a plan
Here's my intention (ha, ha!)
The frat boys in the club are lame
Let's start an altercation (get familiar!)
It's just what I'm used
Just want to fuck shit up
I got my whole damn crew
Come on, what you gonna do

I kissed a boy and they liked it
Got all the honeys in the club excited
I kissed a boy just to start shit
And homeboy was not about it
I know it's wrong, but I don't mind
I'm gonna start shit tonight
I kissed a boy just to start shit
Bitches loved it

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colored yama pic by: ju_jei

Social capital

  • less than 10