Hello from four years in the future.

It's been like 3 or 4 years since I signed in this journal. Things are really different since I was arround. I moved back to my city. For those who still doesn't know I'm a doctor. I started to work in a big hospital with different duties and no time to fandom. I hardy follow any, these days. I will leave these place frozen as with my comunities since I lose major number of files. Re-upload is difficult, it takes time and such. Many people moved to different fandom and few really care on katekyo Hitman Reborn. There are plenty of private messanges related to the scanlation. Some are really old. I will leave my personal facebook and contact info. I lose my gmail account, tumbrl, @msn.com. I'm still trying to recover them. I want to keep contact with some people, so please write me if you still feel like. I'll check these livejournal from time to time.

email: walteregasortega@gmail.com
facebook: David Egas Ortega
tumbrl: neojotejote


jesuscrish, I have been away since march? I think?

I'm back to my city. Now, I'm a full time doctor. Sadly still no proper job.

After...er... two boyfriends?  I'm here, alive somehow

Who remembers me?


This trouble with the host is a damn huge pain in the ass.
Still can'te belive that dropox tried to ban my account so quickly due to trafic. Probably many people from aarin tried to download many books at once.
I don't know how to share my  dropbox folder in public, I enable auto-screen in this entry. Post your email and I'll share the folder with you.
You still need to check the original entries for password.
click "Find lastest started threats" for all my releases there.
Also, there is any kind girl arround? I would like to re-size some huge doujinshi in order to bulk upload packs with "8059", "5927".

Happy New Year to everybody!

This year was very special to me, since I graduate.

I'm really thank you for all your precious greetings and nice words.

My main intention is become surgeon and join Doctors without borders one day.

This year main issue was my health, i'm fine by the moment. I'm stronger than ever ready to work for people in need. Children and old people suffering illness.

I'll work in Santa Rosa until August then I must return to my city and decide what's next.  Probably, I'm going back to university, It's time to learn german and french!

2013 is a difficult year because I must travel to Germany. We need to decide about post-grade.

It's time to save a lot of money!

Add your adress if you still want Christmas Card

Early this year. I don't want my letters reach your homes after christmas. I'll send everything arround December 1.
My card/packages often takes 21 days for Europe, Asia and Australia. Probably less for USA.
Add your adress / POBOX and I'll send it.
I often exchange letter with some users. They'll recive letter even if I don't ask for adress.
Some people has been reciving christmas letters from me for three years, I hope we can continue this one.

Dear Users

This is a public entry, no a personal entry.
You find no free doujin, no free fanfiction, no free porn. De-Friend me because this is not a yaoi board where you can find free smut. Go elsewhere. I'm tired of people friending me without reason. I don't friend people in exchange of nothing.
Too my dear friends, please don't pay attention to this entry.


Fanfiction: Extreme health sessions!

 Title:  Extreme Health Sessions! (ff.net)
Author:  jote_jote 
Beta Readers: [info]rodickparker / saiyaruki 
Rating: R-21
Pairing:  TYLRyohei/Tsuna
Spoilers:  Future Arc
Warnings: Underage male x male interaction
Words: 2754
Prompt:   41. TYLRyohei/Tsuna- healing; "I'll stay by your side"
Summary: Ryohei finds himself in the past. Tsuna is hurt, Yamamoto, Gokudera and Lambo are lost in the forest. He must make a hard decision.

Collapse )



Fanfiction: Lifeline: Straight through my heart

Title:  Lifeline: Straight through my heart
Author: [info]jote_jote 
Translator: [info]sexyryu28 
Beta Reader: [info]mychemical_lust
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yamamoto/Tsuna, (8027).
Spoilers:  Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Words: 1521
Prompt: I. 38. Yamamoto/Tsuna - lifeline; straight through my heart
Summary: After five years, our boys go to university. Yamamoto's feelings are stronger than ever. He must make his move. This is not American series.

Collapse )